Piller (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

was established in 1993 to represent Piller GmbH in promoting, sales and servicing Piller products. By 1995, as the growth of the market is increasing expeditiously, Piller (Thailand) Co., Ltd. felt the responsible to transform from a trading company into an engineering company. After a thorough scheme was made, Piller (Thailand) Co., Ltd. decided to join Thai Maxwell Group. With the support of the Generating Set Division of Thai Maxwell Electric Co., Ltd., Piller (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was able to transform successfully by the mid of 1996.

Thai Maxwell Electric Co., Ltd. (TME), with know-how turnkey from Maxwell Transformer of Taiwan, was established in 1979. As the booming of industry, the demand of electric power increases so rapidly that the supply of utility power supplies were not able to supply high quality power supplies. Therefore, TME established the Generating Set Division in 1987 to support her Customers from numerous power failures.

With the experience in assembling the first and second Piller Uniblock Plus Dynamic UPS systems in Thailand, TME was chosen by Piller (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to be her partner. In the mid of 1996, the Generating Set Division was combined with Piller (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to give local and neighboring Customers better support of Piller products.