Diesel Generator

Maxwell Generator Set is one of the best generator set to meet all your requirements with high efficiency , high reliability , low fuel consumption , low noise and environmental friendly with TA Luft emission regulation. Maxwell generator set is powered and generated by high efficiency , high quality and well-known diesel engine and alternator. All equipment are supplied by ISO certified manufactures.

Diesel engine of Maxwell generator set is complied with ISO-3046 standard which identical to BS-5514 , DIN 6271 and SAE 1349. Electronic governor for engine speed regulation is complied with ISO-8528. The diesel engine is equipped with either a 12V or 24V starting motor and heavy duty radiator.

Alternator of Maxwell generator set is brushless type with self-excited and regulated synchronous generator. Screen protection and drip proof enclosure are complied with the standard of BS-4999 Part 20 which is identical to IEC 34.1. The insulation of the winding is class H.

Basic Generator

Canopy Soundproof Generator

Mobile Generator

Container 1000-3 kVA


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