Customer are

our forever partner

  • Service Mind
  • Service and Consult to find the best solution
  • 24 hours real time data
  • Power management by high techonology, no process interruption
  • Real time monitoring system

Piller’s customer service engineering team is highly qualfied and trainedon all products and services. As a combined total,field service teams have years of experience working on four generations of UPS system.Piller operate a “best of breed” philosophy in all working practices andare belived to be market leaders in first time resolution of site problems.

Piller understand that malfunctions also occur outside working hours, which is when competent help is needed quickly. An emergency call out service ensures that a Piller Service specialist can be reached quickly. Service centres are strategically positioned in relation to Piller’s installed base, for the best possible response time and familiarity with every installation.